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(a picture of my dirtbike will be here soon)
I have a Honda XL250S. It is a 1978 model, with a big front-wheel design that only lasted for two years. Here are the technical specifications:
Year 1978
Overall Length 85.6 in
Overall Width 34.4 in
Overall Height 46.6 in
Wheel Base 54.7 in
Dry Weight 260 lb
Engine Oil 1.6 qt
Fuel Tank Metal, 2.5 gal
Fuel Reserve 0.4 gal
Passengers operator only
Capacity Load Limit 220 lb
Front Fork Oil Capacity 6.4 oz
Bore and Stroke 2.913x2.276 in
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Displacement 249cc
Tire Size (front) 3.00-23
Tire Size (rear) 4.60-18
Transmission 5 speed
Gear Ratio, 1st 2.800
Gear Ratio, 2nd 1.850
Gear Ratio, 3rd 1.345
Gear Ratio, 4th 1.111
Gear Ratio, 5th 0.900
Idle Speed 1,200 + 100 RPM