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If you can ride a bike, you are pretty much ready to drive a dirtbike. But you have to remember - these are much faster and you can easily get hurt. First of all, always wear a helmet. I am 14 years old and don't want to end my life yet. They don't really make you look stupid... I kinda like the way I look in one =. Anyway, depending on your dirtbike, it will be a little bit different. After reading this, you will not be able to just go streight out and ride... it takes practice... and alot of it. Be careful!

Coming soon.

Manual Shift Without Clutch
Coming soon.

Manual Shift With Clutch
Now, these are the hardest to learn, but personally I think are the most fun. The clutch helps to give you some RPM vs. starting from approx 1,000 on auto-clutch. If you are stuck in mud or just want to accelerate faster, this is the right type for you.
Left hand - Clutch; Right hand - Front brake; Left foot - Gear lever; Right foot - Back brake.

Manual Shift (with clutch)



1 Put on your helmet. Pull in clutch and hold. Ensure that you are in neutral (usually between first [all of the way down on gear lever] and second gear). If you cannot find neutral or do not know what it is, make sure you hold the clutch. Pull in clutch (insert key and turn ON ignition [if it has electronic ignition and starts, skip the rest and go to step 2]) and kick the kickstand. In cold temperatures, you may need to pull the choke up (make sure you push it back down before driving).
2 Hold in clutch and push the gear lever down. This will put you into first gear. Do not release clutch yet.
3 You are about to drive, so be ready. You may stall or pull the front wheel off of the ground. Twist the throttle about 1/2 to 3/4 inch towards you and slowly let out the clutch. Do not release the clutch all at once or quickly until you are better at driving.
4 You should now be driving. As you increase RPM, shift. To shift: let off of gas, pull in clutch, move shift lever up, and release the clutch. Do the same to downshift, but move shift lever down.
5 Now, you are probably ready to use the brakes. If you are going slow and plan to go to a complete stop, pull the clutch in. Apply the back brake. If necessary, slowly apply the front at the same time. Do not apply the front by itself.
6 To turn it off, put the bike in neutral and turn off engine.