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Resident Evil (all versions) (walkthrough)

This walkthrough works with all full versions of Resident Evil.

Playing as Chris Playing as Jill
Go to hallway and see zombie.

Run back out to Main Entrance and pick up Jillıs Berreta get Ink Ribbon

from typewriter.

Go back to through to first zombie and get 2 Clips from dead body (Kennethıs).

Go back to Main Entrance.

Go to Blue double door and move stairs to get 1st Floor Map, move chest

and get and Ink Ribbon in small room. Beware of Zombie

Main Entrance and go up stairs and to the right at the first tier, go to

door a t the far end (above blue door) get small key. Down hall to examine

Forest on the terrace and get clip. Quickly leave to avoid Crows.

Back out to opposite side of upper level (above Dining Room) Kill Zombies

and push statue over the edge.

Get Blue Jewel from Statur rubleDining Room below.

Back up to above dining room and through far door on opposite side of

where you entered.

3 Zombies must be taken out and then down stairs.

Zombies are easily avioded by running here so conserve ammo and got to

first room behind stairs and meet Rebbeca -get Sword Key on bed - store

Knife, Small Key - get Clips - Save -

Leave without Rebecca and contiue to end of hall and through door

avoiding Zombies.

Immediately turn to the left an run to end of hallway - Make sure to have

at least 30 round and shoot away at oncoming Zombies.

Next got to smallTiger Room in short hallway and use Blue Jewel to get

Wind Crest

Go across to small bedroom to get Clip, examine desk and kill surprise

Zombie. Get Keeperıs Diary- Shells, leave if you only have one slot


Go through door at the end of the hall and proceed to left (up) and enter

Bar Room, (next to double doors.)

Move to around piano and push case away from bookshelf - get Music Notes

and use them at piano -Rebecca shows up to practice let her do that - got

to Dining Room

Get EMBLEM from above fireplace in Dining Room, go save in main hall and

return to piano room where secret door should open *You should have at

least one open inventory slot.*

Go into Secret Room and take Gold Emblem. Replace it with Emblem.

Go to Dining Room and place Gold Emblem above fireplace and get Sheild Key

from behind clock.

Go to Main entrance and through the Double blue doors. Go to door on other

side and unlock it. Sword Key should now be discarded.

Through door and run like the dickens to avoid Dogs and reach door way.

Go back to dog hallway and take out dog. Move chest and get Clip.

Bacck to winding hall. Get green herb and unlock door next to where you

entered but do not enter. Proceed doown hallway go into door at corner

turn (Bathroom).

Drain tub and get small key. Leave.

Move to the end to long, winding hallway. Through the double doors. Get

ready for two Zombies.

Go to end of hallway and to door on the left (Crow Gallery).

Inspect the pictures and hit the switches in order from youngest to oldesy.

Newborn, Infant, Lively Boy, Young Man, Middle-Aged Man, Tired Old Man,

and then Picture at End. Get Star Crest. Leave.

Go into Grey Door in middle of hall and get ready to fire at Zombie. Get

Green Herb. Go into Storeroom. Get other crest if necessary and save.

Out to Back Hall. End of Hall on the right is a door that leads to out

side passage. Get ready for a Dog.

Place Wind and Star Crests at end of passge.

You now should get the Chemicals (in Storeroom) and proceed to area where

to Tiger Room is located. At the very end of the L-shaped hallway is the

Green House.

Use Chemicals in pump to kill off plant. Got to the area behind the plant

to get the ARMOR KEY. Use Herb if required. ***Remeber this room if you

are hurtinı.***

Leave to Green House and go through the next door with three

zombies(maybe). Go to the door immediately on the right.

Get Broken Shotgun, Clip, and use Small Key to unlock desk to get Shells.

*You may have to do inventory adjustment in Rebecca Room.*

Now proceed back to the Winding Hallway with the Bathroom. Enter room that

is opposite the double doors and go through to Living Room ***You should

have Broken Shotgun and one available inventory slot.***

Replace Shotgun with Broken Shotgun. You are now a killing machine!

Proceed to Main Entrance and enter door next to blue double doors. There

is a Zombie inside just around the corner. Get Shells using Small Key.

Proceed down hallway to Mirror Room. Zombie is slow so avoid him if you

can. Get Ink Ribbon and Herb if necessary.

Make you way upstairs. Go to the right at the first tier and into first

door at top. Get ready for 2 Zombies in u-Shaped Hall.

Go into double green doors. Carefully move statues over the circle grates

on the floor. Hit switch to open the show case. Get the Sun Crest.

Go to end of U-Shaped Hall and into Small Library and get Botany Book to

file. Out opposite door. Get ready for two zombies and one waiting at far

end of hallway.

Go into door in the middle of the hallway and have shotgun ready for Zombie.

Go to Small Office on your left (top). Examine insect display and hit

switch to drain aquarium. Push auarium to the right and them move cabinet

toward it. Get Shells. Get Researcherıs Will on the desk.

Go to Bedroom on opposite end of Antler Room. Lighter is found here. Take

it. There are also Shells and Red herb. Leave Antler rooms.

Move to end of hall and into Blue door. Use the Lighter on firplace to

reveal Map of 2nd floor. Leave and go to down the stairs and to Storeroom.

Load up on Shells and make sure your life is replenished.

Make you way back upstairs to the U-Shaped hallway and into door that you

havenıt entered. (Make sure to have the lighter)

Move down the hallway and examine Richard - get Clip. Now go through next

door and get ready for a Zombie.

Move upsatirs and unlock door. Sheild Key should be discarded. DO NOT

enter. Back down stairs and down narrow hallway.

In this room use the Lighter on the candles to reveal secret room behind

case. Move case and get Shells in small room. Clip is also found in main


Now proceed back to short staircase and enter unlocked door. By exploring

you will encounter a snake so let him have it. Blast away and it will

retreat. Examine the hole where it came and went to get final Moon Crest.

Shells are also in Attic. Proceed out - you will soon collapse from

poisoning and awake in the Rebecca Room.

Get Two Crests and move to outside passage and place in final spots in

Ouside Passage. You should store eveything but guns and ammo now.

Through the now open door and push stairs to shelf. Climb up and get

Square Crank. Thereıs a small key on the one of the barrels.

Move through double doors and be ready for three dogs. There is a Map of

Garden on the wall next to useless elevator. Go through gate at other end

of Courtyard.

Move around pool and use crank on square hole. Water will drain and reveal

passage. Go across passage and run crazy for the elevator or the snakes

will poison you.

Down the elevator and prepare for DOGS. Move through gates and look out

for three more Dogs. Proceed to Guard House.

Push Statue down the hall and cover hole. Save Room is first door on

right. Store the Square Crank.

Go into door across from Save Room and look out for 2 Zombies. Go into

first door and drain the tub. Get Control Room Key from tub. Explore the

bedroom to get Red Book and Small Key and Shells.

Store Red Book and then got to door in area where you moved statue. Move

down hallway and go into first door you come to.

Move down passage to left by waspsı nest and grab Dormitory Key 002. Run

and leave room. Continue down hall to Room 002. Discard key 002. There is

herb hidden behind Statue. Enter Room 002.

Inside first door(bathroom) will be a Zombie and a Clip. Leave clip. You

will be back. Proceed back into other room and get Dorm Map, Plant 42

Report, Leave Shells.

Push cabinets to reveal ladder down. Go down to Lower Passage.

Push the three boxes into water to create a walkway. The first box will

have to be pushed backwards, at first, to get it away from the wall. Go

through double doors at the end.

Run, Run, Run! Look out for the big fish! Move around to other side of

room and into Control Room. Discard Control Room Key! Flip the Lever to

drain rooms. Hit button next to door to open Weapon Storeroom next door.

Go to room next door.

Get the dormitory Key 003. Two Clips and Two boxes of Shells are here, but

be sure to save one slot for a Small Key that is found in corner of room

directly across from the one you are in. Go get the Small Key.

Load up on all that you can carry and head back up the ladder. Take a look

at the sharks doinı the oleı crappy flop. Be sure to collect ammo that you

left in Room 002.

Move back to Main Guard House Hall and enter Double Red doors. Have plenty

of Shotgun Shells to take on the two Giant Spiders. You will most likely

be poisoned and there is Blue Herb near the entrance to the Guard House.

Get Ribbon, Clip, and take a look a the pool table.

Get Red Book from Save Room and stock up the ammo for a big fight.

Navigate back to the Room with the Waspsı Hive and enter Door 003. Discard

Key 003.

Enter bathroom and kill Zombie. Get Clip from the floor. Back into

bedroom. Get Ink Ribbon from desk using Small Key. (It may be wise to save

now if you havenıt for a while.) Go to book case and replace V-Jolt Report

with Red Book.

The other cabinet will move to reveal a door. Go in the door and be

prepared to meet Plant 42. Stay to the side and run to avoid the falling

acid. A trail of white will tip you off to when it will drop. Youıll

probably only get one or two shots off before youıll have to move. Get

Helmet Key from fireplace.

Move out and encounter Wesker, load up the ammo and head back to the mansion.

Once you enter the mansion again youıll be introduced to the Hunters. Take

the first one out and enter first door on the right using Helmet Key.

Go to the desk and turn on the light using switch. Get the Magnum Rounds

on the Desk, Leave the DOOM Book for later if you donıt have the space.

Go to Grey Door that leads to the Storeroom. Look out for the Hunter. Read

the note behind the stairwell and enter Storeroom. Store the Magnum


Proceed back to hallway where first hunter was encountered and go through

double doors. Slowly move down the hallway and youıll encounter another

Hunter. Take 'em down! Contine to end of hallway and through wood door.

The next hallway has two spiders in it but thay can be avoided by running

to the entire hall. Make your way to the main entrance and go upstairs.

Now go to the room above the Dining Room where youıll be greeted by a

couple Hunters. To conserve ammo take out the first one you see quickly

and run that direction to avoid the other. Proceed to the far door and get

ready for more of the same.

After disposing of the tough Hunters, move around staircase and enter

first door on the left. Pick up Orders and Shells, leave the Magnum Rounds

if it is the last slot. Hit switch next to door and look at the head above

the fireplace. Push the stair in front and clib to get Red Jewel. Leave.

Head down the stairs and lend Rebbeca a helping gun. Go to Rebecca Room

and do use the Ink Ribbon.

Go to the end of the hall and toward the Tiger Statue Room. Two Nasty

Hunters await you in this hall. Use the Red Jewel at the Tiger Room to get

Colt Python. (Remember that there may be Health Herb in the Greenhouse.)

Move back the way you came and make you way back to the Storeroom (near

outside passage). Grab the Colt and head upstairs. You should see a Hunter

in the hallway. Let Œem have it.

Proceed to the end of the long hallway and into room with fireplace Two

Zombies should be there. Save Ammo and go to next door.Unlock the door.The

Helmet Key is now useless. GET READY!

The Snake Room is activated by touching the piano in the corner. Itıs will

take numerous rounds to kill this nasty reptile, so have plenty of health

and ammo. One you have taken care of the Snake, make sure you have the

Shotgun before you drop into the hole.

Once youıre down move to the gravestone and hit the switch to activate

trap door. Go down the ladder. There will be 2 Zombies in this area, the

first is around the corner guarding a box of Shells. Get the Shells and

proceed to the far door.

Two Zombies are feasting on another and behinfd them is 2 Green Herbs.

Move toward them and donıt attack until they stand. (Take them on only if

youıre in dire need of health.) Move down to door that will take you into


In the Kitchen youıll find a Small Key on the counter. Thereıs a dying

Zombie lying near an elevator to the right of where you entered. It is

probably the best to let him grab you ankle if youıve got health to spare.

The head stomp will save many rounds. Proceed up the Elevator.

When you get to the top a Zombiw will be right there. Take him out and

proceed in that direction if youıre low on ammo. Go into closet that is

directly ahead.

Two boxes of Shells and a Battery are here. Leave the Battery, but remeber

to save a slot for it.

Leave closet and quickly run back toward Elevator and look for a Zombie

end of the hall directly ahead. Thereıs also Green Herb it a small nook.

Go into Blue double doors and get ready to shoot.

Once youıve taken care of first Zombie there is a desk in the corner to

the right. Use the Small Key and get the Magnum Rounds. Move to door in

opposite corner and beware of the Zombie thatıs behinf the bookcases.

Youıll find a Scrapbook to file. Move through door and move straight


Moving straight ahead will run you into a statue. Push it just enought to

get around it and then go to statue with Red Switch. Hit the Switch and it

will light a small area. Push the statue over to lit area and Secret

Office will open. Get the MO Disk. Leave.

Move to the other side of the room and push bookcase to the top of the

screen, (away from blue doors.) Enter the Secret Observatory and get Ink

Ribbon and Clip if you have the space. Look out window. Return to Closet

to get Battery.

If you need the health and have some ammo to spare, continue down hall

past the Closet. Thereıs a Zombie right next to the closet door and

another when you continue into the next door where there is also Green and

Blue Herb. There are also 2 Zombies feeding down at the ens of the passage

and a door that cannot be unlocked.

Move back to Elevator and return down to Kitchen. Move to door and

stairwell at the opposite end of the Kitchen. You be presented with a

cut-scence and fresh Zombie to kill. Move to F1 via stairs.

Move around elevator and unlock double doors. Youıll enter a familiar

hallway and greeted by two hunters. Take Œem on if you dare or get out

quick! Proceed to back Storeroom.

In the Storeroom consolidate inventory and be sure to have the Doom Book 1

stored. Take Square Crank, Battery, and any guns with Bullets. Proceed to

Outside Passage.

In the Outside Passgage there is a Hunter in the middle of your path. If

youıre bold, take him out. With some quick movements it can be avoided.

Move through the Courtyard and arcoss waterpath, past snakes, down

elevator to Lower Courtyard. Use Battery on othe elevator and go up. Move

back to large pool and Square Crank panel. Use the Square Crank to stop

the water. It may be a good idea to go back and store the Crank because

youıll no longer need it.

Move back down to Lower Courtyard and down ladder that was behind

Waterfall. You should have Shotgun and other loaded guns. An Ink Ribbon

would be useful, but only if it has one use left.

A Typewriter is directly ahead and around corner. Save if you have less

than two slots open. Otherwise go into door directly at the bottom of the


There is a Flamethrower on the wall. (We left it alone, but it can be

useful.) Proceed to the left and through the door.

In this large room there is F-Aid Spray and a box of Shells on the far

side. Get those and move toward passage to Enricho Door.

Go to the end of the hall and see Enricho cut-scene. What did he mean by

double-crosser? Enricho has a Clip but save room if it will fill last


Move back to out and youıll immediately be attacked by two Hunters. Take

these two down!. There is also a Crank ahead. Use F-Aid Spray if

necessary. Move out and be ready for two more Hunters in this next area.

Move out either door and yet another Hunter will await. Replace

Flamethrower (if necessary) and exit area. Move down to area next to


Use Hex Crank on panel and move through door. Make sure to have one open slot.

Get Flamethrower and run down to trigger rock. Duck out at entrance. Now

move to area where rock rolled and look for a Hunter there. It is possible

to get more Flamethrower Fuel ant the opposite end of passage, but it also

triggers another Hunter. Proceed through double doors and Giant Spider.

Run around Spider and use small blast to kill him. Four or five rounds

with the Colt should do the trick. Leave and reenter to dispose of Small

Spiders. Use Flamethrower or Combat Knife on Web Door. Go out an to the

rom to the left.

In this save room there is Blue Herb, F-Aid Spray, and Ink Ribbon. Use the

Blue Herb first if youıre poisoned and then the F-Aid Spray. Save and take

Hex Crank and Flamethrower with you.

Move out and to opposite end of hall, youıll need to run because of snakes

on the ceiling. Replace Flamethrower to open door and go.

Move to the left (up) and down passage. Use Hex Crank three times (x3) on

crank panel to access small passage. Run down and trigger boulder and duck

into small passage. There is a Map and MO Disk in area where boulder was.

Move into secret room and move Statue down wall to line up with

highlighted area. Use Hex Crank two times (x2) on panel to move statue

away. Push statue to highlighted trigger and grab Doom Book 2.

Return to Store Room and stash Crank and pick up Doom Book 1. Have at

least three slots. Proceed back to other end of passage and through door.

Move to the left (down) and go up elevator to Fountain Area. Check both of

the Doom Books through the inventory menu. Turn the booksı and use the

action button to inspect all sides. The books will eventually open to

reveal an Eagle and a Wolf Medal. Use thes on the appropriate ends of the

Founmtain to reveal stairs. Before you go down acquire an the Blue and

Green Herbs. Mix Green-Blue if necessary.

Go down Fountain Passage via stairs and elevator. Once down, move around

corner and down ladder.

There will be a Storage Box here so grab the pistol, and any other useful

weapons with ammo. Procced through door and be ready for 3 Zombies. If You

have limited ammo run directly around to stairs and down. Otherwise take

the them out and get MO Disk from Desk in nook next to double doors.

Thereıs also Green Herb in this passage. Down.

Go directly through double door at the bottom of the stairs and then

through the first door after that. Hit Red Switch to turn on lights. Get

Researcherıs Letter, read to get Login and Passwords. Push bookshelf away

and use blue switch to dicypher code words on painting. Clip is in box

next to sink. Green Herb is also here. JOHN ADA MOLE. Leave.

Move back out double doors and run straight ahead to door and into Small

Lab. Use Computer and Passwords to unlock B2 and B3 Doors. Get Slides from

floor. Move out and back up stairs.

At the top of the stairs move striaght ahead to doulbe doors. Enter

Conference Room

Use Slides on Projector, acquire Security System File, and open panel and

hit switch to activate secret panel. Get the Lab Key. Return down.

Run to door at opposite corner of stairs. Avoiding or taking on the slow

but deadly naked Zombies. Use Lab Key on Lab Door that is marked with red

emblem. Lab Key is now discarded.

A Zombie will be directly ahead. There is also one around each corner. Go

directly ahead to Save/Storeroom. There is an Ink Ribbon, Magnum Rounds,

and Herb in this room. Save and take Shotgun and Magnum and One (1) MO

Disk with you. Leave and go back to Operating Room.

Get Shells and Red Herb. Move boxes and stairs to get to air duct. Go

through and enter the Morgue. Use MO disk to get Passcode 2, get Magnum

Rounds from shelf. Exit and be ready to blast if you havenıt killed all

the Zombies. Go back to save room and load up on herbs for next mission.

Power Maze - Bring MO Disk/Health(s) -

Review the area map and look for the doors - Run to terminal in corner

opposite the door to activate power panel. Go to far door to enter next

maze. Get Pass Code 03 from terminal that is straight ahead. Run through

avoiding the ceiling hunters to main generator room. Activate the terminal

on the left side. Run out. There are Two hunters in first room and three

in second.

Now with MO Disk and some weaponry, head back toward the stairs and go

through double doors and through door midway down the passgae. 4 Zombies


It is possible to get more than one Zombie with the Shotgun at close

range, (three is our record.) Get Fax File from wall and use MO Disk on

output machine to get Pass Code 1. Leave and go to end of hall.

Use passcode machine to enter codes and prceed to cell to be reunited with

Jill. The door is locked so return toward Save/Storeroom and move to

Tyrant Elevator that is at the end of the hall. Rebecca should join you.

*You should have at least six rounds of Magnum/ Shotgun or at least 15 or

more Berretta.*

Up and encounter Weskerıs evil plan and heıll introduce you to the Tyrant.

Take him on and then use the computer terminal to unlock the door. Go out

and down elevator.

Now make your way back to Jillıs cell and free her. Look out for the

Ceiling Hunters!

Move upstairs and Zombies are everywhere! Run past those slow guys and to

the ladder. Make sure to have at least one open slot.

Up ladder and through Emergency Door that is right next to you.

Down the passage and get the Battery. Use it on the elevator. Up.

Get flare from box right next to elevator - Use it in middle of Heliport.

Await the return of Tyrant. Aviod him until Brad drops Rocket Launcer.


1- Start the Jill storyline and with Barry run into the dining room. Get the emblem and go into the next

room. Kill the zombie and get ammo.

2- Return to Barry and the to the main hall. Get lock-pick and head off to the right room. Don't bother

with map and ink ribbon.

3- Enter hell hound room (where 2 hell hounds leap out of the window at you.) Either a-)kill them or

b-)run past them and quickly grab the clip by moving the second cabinet.

4- Go through the door at the end of the hound room and pick up the plant. Go into the shotgun room and

take it. Leave and the ceiling should come down on you. Barry will come and save you in the nick of


5- Go into the next hallway (door across the shotgun door) and run into the picture room (the room with

the crows/ravens and paintings.) Flip the switches in order from new born baby, infant, young boy, young

man, middle aged man to bold old looking man. Flip the last switch to get the medallion.

6- Leave room and run to the storage room. Pick up plant chemicals. Exchange items--take only shotgun,

beretta, and clips (herbs if you think you'll need them).

7- Leave storage area and go up stairs. Kill the right zombie. Run down the hall and through door. Run

down hall into the main hall-upstairs. Barry will be there to give you acid rounds for the bazooka. Run

over to the patio room to see dead Forest. Get bazooka.

8- Return to main hall upstairs. Go across to next room and enter upstairs dining room. Kill left zombie

and push statue down. Exit through back door.

9- Kill zombies and go down stairs and go into second storage room. Feel free to save your game with the

ink ribbon on the bed. Exchange items--take chemicals, wooden emblem and weapons you feel good


10- Run to nursery and poison the plant. Get key. While there, pick up red and green chemicals. Mix them

to save room and have good healing items. SAVE atleast three spaces in inventory.

11- Go down hall into the caretaker's room. Pick up clip and go to desk. Kill zombie from closet (one

good quick shotgun blast to head) and pick up ammo (don't need to pick up diary. Waste of time...) for

the shotgun. MAKE SURE you still have atleast two spaces still.

12- Exit room and turn right, down to the door. Unlock door and you should be in the hallway where

Kenneth's body is. Turn left into the Bar/Piano room. Get sheet music and play piano. Go in the secret

room and exchange emblems.

13- Return to dining room. Place gold emblem over fireplace and get armor key. Run around table and

pick up blue gem. (Inventory should be about full)

14- Return to hall (where Kenneth's body is) and turn right and take first door on left. This will take you

back to the hall with the nursery and tiger statue. Go to tiger statue room and exchange blue gem for the


15- Go to the back door (the hall with the ammo room and storage) and enter the ammo room. (The room

with the broken shotgun.) Pick up clip and shotgun ammo. Should be able to carry these because

hopefully you already have these in inventory.

16- Return to storage room down the hall. Exchange items--take armor key, ammunition for beretta and

shotgun. Run back to dining room (lower-level. NOT UPPER level.) Run into the main hall way (LOWER


17- Go across into the second door (the locked one that requires the armor key. Unlock and go in. Get clip

on the desk and kill zombie. Get shotgun ammo in locked desk. Leave into main hall. Go up the main hall

stairs and go right into the hallway. Run to the suit of armor room and get medallion. (Don't forget to

move the statues over the poison gas holes.)

18- Leave and run to the attic door. Unlock and enter and see Richard (if you have space, pick up the

green plants). Talk to him and run back to storage room and get serum. May want to save game here just

in case. Exchange items--stock up on healing products, shotgun and ammo (hopefully, your shotgun and

ammo will be enough. If you're not that good at killing the snake, then take bazooka too.) TAKE SHIELD

KEY also (the one behind the clock) with you. Don't need the armor key anymore. Run back to Richard.

19- Get the radio (who cares...) and enter the attic. If you want to, you can run next door to the candle

room and get a clip. You won't be able to the shotgun shells because you don't have your lighter yet.

20- Kill the snake. Remember to heal yourself occasionally. Pick up medallion and shotgun shells.

21- Leave and assuming you've been poisoned, Barry will save you. If not, go to the next step (22). Wake

up in bed, and run to storage box. Exchange items--take all four medallions and weapons. Run across to

the dining room, out into the main hall.

22- Exit out the back door and go to the mantle/medallion placement door. (The place where you put the


23- Place medallions and enter the garden room. Push the stairway and climb. Get the crank. Leave into

courtyard. Pick up plants and mix red and green together. Kill hounds FIRST. Pick up blue ones on other

side and mix also. Run across to opposite gate and use crank to open flood gate/dam. Go down ladder and

up to other side. Run to the elevator. Here the radio will go off. Just ignore it because it takes up time and

is not necessary for the story. Every minute counts....

24- Either kill or run past hounds below. Cross over to the opposite gate. Pick up and mix plants. Kill

hounds. (Not necessarily in that order.)

25- Enter dormitory. Push statue over the hole (the one where the plant grabs you.) Enter storage area.

Pick up ammo and health spray. Save game. *NOTE: If you feel like saving the game more often, that's

fine too. Just do it whenever you make a trip to the storage room.

26- Exchange items--Just take weapons and ammo.

27- Cross over to next dormitory room (001). Kill zombies and get Red book. Enter bathroom. Drain tub

and get C-Room Key.

28- Cross over to the other hallway (past the statue over the plant hole) and enter the room with the key

pad and wasp/hornet nest. Run past nest and get dorm key (002). Return into the previous hall and run to

the end room using the dorm key. Discard key. Go into room and push bookcases away to reveal ladder

down. (Don't pick up item on bed, just waste of time. Plus, if you feel like you need ammo, run into the

bathroom, kill zombie and pick up clip in sink.)

29- Go down ladder and push crates over the water space. Run down into the water and enter the shark

room. Run directly to the Control Room and use the key. Discard key and enter room (before the shark

has a chance to get to you.) Push lever and remove water from lower level. Push button to open next


30- Enter next door. Pick up two clips and two boxes of shotgun ammo. Pick up dorm room key (003)

also. Run out and back up ladder to dorm room 002. If you have space along the way, pick up plants and

fill inventory.

31- Run back to storage and stock up on weapons and healing medicines, take dorm key (003) and red

book with you. Save game would be advised.

32- Run to dorm room 003 (the room next to the wasp nests and key pad.) Enter the room and go into the

bathroom, killing zombie and picking up the flame rounds. Exchange books with the red book, revealing

secret door.

33- Enter secret door and kill big plant. It will wither, but not be dead. It will then pick you up and then

Barry will come and save you. Run to the fireplace and get key. Go to step 34. If you feel that you can't

kill the plant the first time you'll need to return to step 31 and now follow along these ideas. 31a- If you

don't think you can take on the plant, you'll need to make v-jolt. Exchange items--make sure you have

four empty spaces! Take the red book and dorm room key 003. Pick up the flame rounds in the bathroom

and exchange books. Walk through the door and exit the other door before you have to seriously fight the

plant. Run to the chemical room and on the key pad punch in 3-4-5. This will unlock the door. Pick up

empty bottles and mix together v-jolt. 32a- Run down to dorm room 002 and return into the shark room.

Enter the room with the roots and put v-jolt on the roots. Return up to the storage room and stock up on

weapons and medicine. 33a- Return to the plant via the double doors (not dorm room 003) and kill plant.

Get key in fireplace.

34- Return to mansion. Kill the hunter that follows you after entering the mansion. Go into the room on

the left and get doom book 1. (No need to get ammo for the Colt Python.)

35- Go next door into the storage room and stock up on new ammo and items. Exchange items--take

weapons and healing and helmet key. Going to fight the snake next, so may be wise to save your game.

36- Go upstairs and left to the fireplace room (the room where you used the lighter to get the map.) Go

through the door to the right and go to the piano. Click on it and the snake will come out. Kill snake and

look at hole while it's dying. Barry will come in and help you. Fall in and push switch on grave. Wait for

Barry to return before going down. Get pass code then go back down hole. MAKE SURE YOU'LL HAVE


STORAGE ROOM BEFORE GOING DOWN. Go down the ladder under the grave.

37- Kill zombies and get shotgun ammo to the left. Run down hall to the door. Go down next hall and

skip the zombies eating the person. They'll leave you pretty much alone.

38- Enter kitchen and go right to the elevator. Kill the zombie on the ground. Hopefully, you have two

spaces still. Go up the elevator and kill zombie. Go into the closet and get the battery for the elevator and

some explosive rounds.

39- Back track exactly the way you came from and return to the ladder and hole (the place where you

killed the snake). Return to the storage room downstairs and exchange items--take battery, crank, and

weapons, especially the bazooka (healing also would be nice since the spider's next. Have about two

empty slots). And if you have an ink ribbon with one slot, go ahead and take it. Make sure there's one slot

so it'll disappear when you use it.

40- Go out into the garden and cross over to the elevator on the other side of the pond. Go down elevator.

Go to other elevator, install battery. Go up and over to the flood gate/dam. Use crank closing the gate and

return to the newly powered elevator. Go down and enter the lader down (the one behind the waterfall.)

41- Go into the door on the right and see Barry. When he asks to go with you, say yes, but have him lead.

Follow him and enter. He'll kill a hunter guy and then follow you. Run into the back room and pick up


CRANK. Go into the room where Enrico is and follow storyline. If you have room for a clip, pick up clip


and pick up crank and run out. Just run past the new hunters, or kill them, but running past would be

advised to save time and ammo.

42- Go to first hall way and run over to typewriter. Save game if you have a ribbon. Use crank on hole

and turn hallway. Go down hall and past door. Turn right and run to the boulder. Then start running

back. The boulder will follow, run to safety. Then run and get flame rounds. If you've been killing the

hunters, then one won't open the door and follow you. But there will be one next to the crashed boulder.

If you ran past them, one will open the door as you get to the flame round and attack you. Kill him or run

past him to the door beyond the smashed wall boulder. There won't be a hunter in there.

43- Go beyond the door and kill the spider. It is possible to kill it with two blasts of the flame round as

long as they hit it's body and not the legs. Pick up knife if you don't have one in inventory and swipe open

the door. Hopefully you'll have a space for the knife in inventory (you probably used an herb fighting the

spider.) If you don't have room for the knife, just get bitten a few times by the baby spiders that pour out

and then use an herb. Go to the left and enter storage. Pick up healing products and save game or don't.

Exchange items--take doom book 1 (eagle medallion if you already opened it), weapons and hexagonal

crank. Run down hall and enter the second boulder stretch. You don't need to run from the boulder, just

use the crank three times and enter the room where the second doom book is.

44- Get second doom book and open. Get medallion. Go up the elevator into the garden where the

fountain is. Place medallions accordingly and pick up herbs. Go down fountain and enter elevator. Go

further down the ladder and enter the room with the storage box. Exchange items, or don't. Run across

into the room. Kill zombies and go downstairs. Go to the left into the computer room and login. Use

JOHN for login and ADA for password. Unlock door on B2 with password MOLE. Return upstairs to the

now unlocked room.

45- Run over to the panel and open it. Push the button and then get the Lab key. Run back down into the

lab and go to the door to use the lab key on. Run across to the storage room and stock up on healing and

save the game. Exchange items--weapons and healing. Run out door and down to the left to give power to

the elevator.

46- Enter room. You don't have to kill the ceiling creatures. Just run to the right and use the terminal there

to give power to the elevator. Run to the back of the boiler room and open door. Go down the corridor to

the right and enter the room with the triggering computer and the circuit computer. Activate the elevator

and run out of the boiler room.

47- Run over to the now operational elevator. Barry will join you and follow story line. Kill Tyrant. It's

easy if you just shoot and run. Shoot and run. You'll probably never get hit, but try to kill him quick.

48- Barry and you will escape. After the elevator ride run to the emergency elevator, All you should have

to kill along the way are two ceiling monsters and three zombies. Feel free to use bazooka and whatnot to

kill them quickly. Run out the emergency door. Barry will be waiting for you. On your way you'll cross

the storage box. Exchange items-- all you need now is healing. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONE SPACE


49-Run over the battery (the radio will go off automatically and you'll have to listen to it.) Pick up battery

and place in elevator. Go up elevator. Leave elevator and pick up flare. Use flare. (You don't have to walk

out a ways or anything. Just use it right away if you want.) Tyrant will come out, just avoid him and run

around till the helicopter drops the rocket launcher. Kill Tyrant.

50- The End. Hopefully, this will take you less than three hours. (I did it with 2:09:10 and 11 saves.)

Restart game with Rocket Launcher. Blow thy enemies to little pieces.

Sight created : 12/27/96



Always try to keep up with Barry so you can be rescued / equipped.

At the title screen (When the blood shoots out at you) quickly press : oxoxoxoxoxoxox triangle

triangle triangle.

Also at the title screen, press left, right, down, up, down, up, down+up, l1, l2, l1+l2.

Don't shoot at all mummies, because the point of the game is'nt to shoot them.

Don't walk anywhere, run.

Don't pick Chris, because Jill carries more items.