Playstation Cheat Codes

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Need  for Speed III - Hot Persuit

To do an awesome burnout, put your car in neutral and put one of the brakes on and then floor the gas with the brake still applied and shift into first gear with the brake and gas still on.
submitted by Sam Barker (

Change Cop Voices
After you finish setting up your game and you are at the screen with the RPM meter on it, hit START and press every button in the code at the same time. Hold them all until the Loading screen appears.


Cops speak German:

Cops speak Spanish:

Cops speak Italian:

Cops speak French:

Cops Speak Hillbilly:

submitted by YAHOO55 and Alex Johnson (

Cheat Codes
To enter these codes, go to the user name screen in the options menu, then enter the desired code:


mcityz   "Empire City" bonus track.
Gldfsh   "Scorpio-7" hidden track
Mnbeam   "SpaceRace" hidden track
Xcntry   "AutoCross" hidden track
Xcav8    "Caverns" hidden track
Playtm   "The Room" hidden track
1jagx    Jaguar XJR-15
amgmrc   Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
rocket   El Nino car
Seeall   More camera views
spoilt   All cars and all tracks
         except the hidden ones

submitted by Sam Barker, and Travis Hasley

Gumball Policecars
Select the Redrock Ridge track. Then before the loading screen appears, immediately hold Down + R1 + L2 continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears. Now the Green Landrovers will be replaced by Gum ball police during the race
submitted by matt chainsaw (

Horsepower boost
After selecting the game options, press start to load the race, then before the loading screen appears, immediatly hold left + square + circle. Keep the buttons held until the loading screen disappears. Now the horsepower of your car will be boosted by 25%.
submitted by matt chainsaw (

More Codes
Enter these codes after you've chosen a race, but before the LOADING screen appears.

Power Horn
Press and Hold (Just until the loading screen comes up)...Start+Select+R1+L2

Slow Motion by 20%

Increase Car Weight
Lets your car run down the traffic without slowing down. Select+Square+X
submitted by

No Police Jeeps
Select the Rocky Pass track. Then before the loading screen appears, immediatly hold right + R1 + L2. keep the buttons held until the loading screen disappears. Now during the race the white and blue Jeeps will be replaced by Crown Victorias. To enable this code on the Summit track, hold down + R1 + L2 while the track loads
submitted by matt chainsaw (


After the road splits into two side by side at different elevations for the second time, the shortcut is on the right, a little before you take the regular right.

Country Woods:
On the Country Woods track, once you get past two or three 90 degree turns, you should come to a really sharp hairpin, (look for it on the map display) once you come to that, you see a little hill of snow off to the side of the road. Go up the hill, then cut the wheel sharp to realign yourself with the track. This gives you an enormous amount of ground!

After coming out of the second tunnel the track goes uphill, the shortcut is on the uphill and to the right of the tower with the red blinking light.

Empire City:
The first shortcut is almost immediately after you start the race. The shortcut is on the left, right before you see the crane, there is also a street light almost inside the shortcut.

The second shortcut is just past the first left after the crane. You will see boxes on the right with small, blinking barracades between them. Run them over and you are in the shortcut.

After you come out of the second shortcut there is a cement barrier directly ahead of you. Slightly to the left of this there are several flashing barriers, go through these and follow the path. Be sure to turn to the left so that you can head in the right direction on the track.

  The fourth shortcut is after you pass through the lighted tunnel and a row of pillars (the second long row of pillars you have come across). Right after you pass all of the pillars go into the lighted area to the right. Stay in this area until the lights end. Right when the lights end there is a miscolored part of the wall with flyers on it. Run through the wall and you are inside the shortcut.

On the Hometown track, right before the first covered bridge, there's a stretch of grass before and in the turn.  Cut through the grass right before the turn, then let the car slide up to the left side of the track, don't get too close to the side of the bridge though. This tip should cut off a few seconds from your time, it will also boost your speed for the upcoming jump.

Red Rock Ridge:
In redrock ridge, there is a shortcut through the hairpin, right before it, there is a place to pull over on the right, drive through there, and powerslide left right before the cactus, then go straight forward through the cleared area, and turn left onto the road.   This helps when you're being chased by the cops, they have to take the hairpin, so you can lose them.
submitted by,, Mark Raykhenberg, Bobby Jusnes and Dustin Boyce