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Metal Gear Solid (walkthrough)

This walkthrough also works with the demo version of Metal Gear Solid.

If you print this out, IT TAKES ALOT OF PAPER!!!!!!!!!

1. Underground Storage Room

[Start of Demos] The game starts when Snake comes out of the water and takes off some of his gear. Catch the call that you get from Roy Campbell. Go down the stairs to the water and grab the ration by the barrel. Then go back up the stairs. Crouch and crawl under the pipe. There is also another ration at the far right side by the heater, but you don't need that one (you can get the other one by the Forklift) Stay to the left and run towards the wall right in front of you. Keep you back to the wall and catch the pattern of the soldier walking around near you. When he leaves your sight run up by the crate at the top of the room. When both guards go to the middle aisle run to the far top right hand corner of the room to the forklift. While you're back there grab the ration in the corner. Stay here until the Then the elevator comes down with another guard and when the coast is clear head straight for the elevator. Remember that if you're spotted the elevator isn't going anywhere until the alert is off so be careful.

2. The Hind

After the cut scene, run to the left of the elevator and grab the ration that's over there. Now move up to where the spotlights are moving across the helicopter pad. Run to the left without the spotlights spotting you. Stand here until you can run between the spotlights and grab the chaff grenades, then run back to the left. Run back to the left and you should see a security camera. Sneak past it and grab the stun grenades towards the left wall. Then go back to the alley where the fence is and grab the Thermal Goggles. Now run back up to where you see the truck, hop in it and grab the Socom. Now make your way back to the crates that you started this area. Make your way to the right up the snow covered bank and get to the third box up. Grab the ration to the right of it and hide here. Don't worry if you can't carry anymore rations. This is a good thing! Be alert because this guard looks between the second and third boxes so be on the right of it. When this guard continues down. Make you way to the stairs but watch out for the security camera. When you can, run under the camera and up the first flight of stairs. Stay here because sometimes there's a guard at the top and you don't want to be spotted. Since he walks the entire length of this platform, wait until he's to the far left. Run to the second indentation and duck to crawl through the vent. Catch the call you get here by Roy Campbell. Then crawlthrought the vent. [End of Demos]

3. Tank Storage Room

The lower vent duct: (With the underwater section) Crawl forward. Take the right passage and answer the radio call from Master Miller. Once you're finished, continue forward into the underwater section. Keep moving forward and you will have enough oxygen. Follow the passage until you reach the grates. Continue on to the last grate and wait for the guard to pass. (Careful, he'll stop and check the wall before moving on.) The upper vent duct: (In this duct, you'll see an extra cut scene) There is no way to deviate from the vent here. You'll get a call from Master Miller at the beginning and a call from Roy Campbell at the ladder informing you to descend using the action button. As you pass over the first grate, it will switch to a cut scene of the guards talking below you. Follow the vent to its exit and answer the call from Master Miller if you want. If you need a ration just pass the exit in the air duct and grab it. When you get out it places you right outside of the camera's view. Don't move, answer your call if you wish from Roy. If you need them, there are some chaff grenades to your left. Sneak past the camera and onto the room on the right. Evade the camera and grab the thermal goggles. Exit this room and continue down and around to the lower floor. The lower floor: Use a chaff grenade or just sneak past the camera and get to the middle section of the stairs. Crouch here and observe the guards movements. When you're in the clear run down to call the elevator with the circle button. It takes only five seconds until it opens but if a guard is coming run back to the staircase and hide until you can get to it again. Don't worry if you didn't catch it before because now when you call it opens immediately.

The Elevator: The panel is in the lower left hand corner of the elevator, run up to it to activate it. Highlight B1 and press circle, this will take you down to the prison.

4. The Holding Area (B1)

First off answer the call you get. In the full game it's from Mie Ling. Press the circle button a couple of times until you get to a menu that has two choices. Select the first to save your game, select the second to cancel. Now follow the corridor down and to the right to the ladder. Answer the call you get and climb the ladder. Once inside, crawl forward. Take the fork to the left if you want to pick up some Socom bullets. Continue through the vents until you come to the last grate. Also a call will come in about this time. Hit the circle button to make Snake bust open the grate and let himself down into the cell with The chief of DARPA. After this long movie you seem to be stuck in the cell. You'll hear a little bit of noise outside of the cell but crouch and go under the bed to grab a ration. By this time someone will have unlocked your cell. When you exit there will be a cutscene. Be aware though that RIGHT after this scene troops are running in the room to nail you two. Snake will already have his gun pulled and so will the lady that let you out. The soldiers come in groups of three so they're not to hard to take care of. Another thing is most of the troops you blast will drop rations and ammo. Stay up on both of these because they keep coming! After you kill the first three a VERY SHORT cutscene breaks in. The lady you're with guns down three more troops and Snake runs back beside her. (If you've moved anywhere.) After this when the next three are moving in gun them down and run to the top of your screen. Just stay here to shoot everyone in the side before they can pivot to shoot you and grab everything they drop. Be sure to keep your health up to since the rations they drop won't be there in a bit. Also a few soldiers try and get sneaky by throwing three mines into the room. If you're at the top in the corner you won't get scratched. After these three are dead the alert is up and everything seems cool. Set back and watch the crazy cutscene that introduces Psycho Mantis. Now you have a new item, the level 1 access card. Ring the elevator and head to Tank Storage room (1). When the elevator opens stay against one of the walls to the guards don't see you. Head out the elevator and to the left. The camera angle now changes so you're heading to what is now your right. Equip your level 1 access card and head towards the wide door with a "1" on it. When it opens duck behind one of the crates. The door will slide shut behind you and the guard in the room still doesn't know what's up. For some reason he really likes to look at the ammunition so sneak up behind him and take him out by breaking his neck. Grab the Socom suppressor(silencer) and the ration. Head back to the elevator and go to the Storage Area (B2).

5. Storage Area (B2)

When you walk out of the elevator equip your thermal goggles. This will allow you to see the trap doors in the floor. Look for a room with a "1" on it. It's the room right below the elevator. Equip your access 1 card and enter the room to grab the 2 crates of C-4. Equip your thermal goggles again and run to the lower left hand corner of the Storage Area room. Place C-4 in the bottom-left corner here. Walk away to a safe distance and detonate all of it. Go back to the elevator and take it to any floor you wish. Ride back to B2 and head into the same room you got the C-4 in. Look it' back. Oooooh! Now that you have some extra C-4 head through the hole you just made. In the corridor go down until the floor texture changes. On the right hand side where the concrete ends, place some C-4 and nuke it to reveal another passageway. In this cluttered corridor place a C-4 at the very right and nuke it. Now to the top you may want to notice a place that has no cracks but looks like it's been cemented over. Place a C-4 there also and nuke it. Don't enter this one yet unless you have as much ammo as you can carry for your gun and you have two rations. If not don't go in there just yet. Head to the right into another hallway avoiding a camera/gun at the bottom and another at the top. You can find two rations in here. When you think you're ready head into that hole at the top of the corridor. In a cutscene you'll find Kenneth Baker tied up with trip-wires all around him that are connected to C-4. You now have to fight Revolver Ocelot. Now this is a gun using fool. Watch out for his sure-shot aim and the skill he has to ricochet bullets off the wall to hit you. Watch his bullet count and your health in this fight. When he goes to reload, go stomp him whether it's your fists or your gun. Just don't try and trap him with C-4 somewhere because I'm telling you it doesn't work like that. However the super easy way to beat him is just to run in crazy patterns after him and wait for him to boast. This is the preferred time to pop him. Notice that when he's hit he has kind of a grace period of which he can't be hit. Don't waste your ammo if he's blinking. Once you get his life to zero you get a long cut scene. First Introducing the cyborg Ninja. Nice. Now you need to save. Hit select and go to your radio menu. Hit down on the D-pad. It should bring you to a menu which is of preset radio stations. Highlight the one with 140.96. Talk to Mia Ling and save your game. From now on I won't tell you when to save it. I'll let you think of that. Now that you have acquired the level 2 access card you can go crazy in B2. While you're here we'll learn a new trick. Watch out though because now there are guards in there with you. Beware that the room to the bottom right has traps in it, BUT it has the FA-MAS machine gun. Awe yea! Get all the weapons from here and head back to the elevator. Go to level 1.

6. Underground Storage Room

Now that you're back on level 1. If you haven't gotten them yet then grab the Socom bullets from behind the steps. Head up the stairs and use the level 2 key to open the door next to the stairway. There you will find the cardboard box and chaff grenade. Get out of there and go down and back around on the second floor to the room above where you got the thermal goggles. Use your level 2 card here to enter. Grab the mine detector and the ration if you need it. Go next to the computer and change frequency to 140.15. Here you'll talk to the female spy which turns out to be Meryl Silverburgh. You can also call 141.52 and talk to Nastasha Romeneko. When your running back around to go to the lower level of floor one Meryl Silverburgh and the female spy will ring you. They open the wide door next to the elevator on level 1. Run down to this and when you go in you'll get a call. Answer it if you want. Watch out in this room because there are invisible trip lasers that will trigger the door to shut and you'll be gassed to death. This part is very easy. Just equip your infrared goggles and you'll see the lasers moving up and down. When you get past them equip your level 2 access card and open the door.

7. Tank Battle

Get out the thermal gogglesr and the grenades. Take the right path avoiding the mines - here comes the missing tank from before, and it wants to blow you away. Don't worry he is pretty easy. You start the battle from a pre set position, grab the rations behind you if needed go due east to the right hand wall/cliff face (careful of the mines), the tank can't and won't hit you from here, or try using the chaff grenades to screw up the tanks radar. Go straight up towards him, now he will start firing machine gun shots (pretty easy to avoid). Stay very tight to the tank throw grenades up to the hatches where the machine gunners appears. Four well placed grenades will do. If you run out of grenades head up north where you will find some as well as extra rations. After the battle is won you receive a Keycard 3.

8. Nuclear Storage Facility

Now you're in the Nuclear storage facility. You also have acquired the level 3 access card. Head over to the left and up the steps to grab the ration. Go back down and head down the ramp to the garage door that's barely open. Crawl under it and head all the way to the left. Run up the steps and while avoiding the guard call the elevator. Go to (the offices) B1. When you exit the elevator equip your level 3 key and head to the room directly below you. In this room head to the center to avoid detection.when you get a chance go up the mini staircase and into the office on the right. Grab the Nikita and the extra rockets and go out of that room. Head back to the elevator and now go to B2. Have your level 3 card equipped and head down through the set of sliding doors. In this room snake will notice a small security measure. If it isn't obvious after watching the cutscene what it is you have to do, stand right at the second door. Now once you're in this section of offices know that you're being gassed. However it's quite alright because it doesn't affect you so much. Equip your Nikita and fire a missile straight down over the walkway and left at the end. (YOUR LEFT) Note that if you have an analog controller doing this is MUCH easier than with the digital pad. After making the missile turn to your left guide it into the office with the table. From here on up there will be camera guns that will shoot you down so get through these rooms as quick as possible. Guide the missile up past another camera gun and past the other desk to the doorway that's on the left-hand side of the office. Now guide your missile to the right and through that doorway to nail the generator with all the wires in front of it. If you missed run back up to the room right before the walkway to get your breath back so Snake won't die. When you nail the generator head down the walkway and the first office on your right will have a ration in it. The second on the right is locked, it's for the elite level 4. The third will posses the gas mask but it also is guarded by a camera gun. I suggest running back up to get your breath back. From now on I'll leave it up to you to decide when to run back for air. So equip your gas-mask. You'll toggle back and forth as needed. Running back down the walkway head to your left and up to the first office. Use your keycard and grab the grenades and C-4. At the second office use your keycard and grab the extra Nikita missiles. The third office is for level 4 users. Up through the walkway go into the room that contains the generator that you nuked. Grab the Chaff grenades and ration. Head back down to the hall way and continue all the way to the right. This door has something sprayed on it that looks like "Hall's Lab, keep out". Use your keycard and enter this door. Walk through this strange door going to the right until you get to the room with the door at the top. When you walk through this door you should get a cut scene. Follow through this bloody hallway until you get the next cut scene with the ninja. Follow the Cyborg Ninja through the broken level 4 door. This cutscene introduces Octacon the computer geek. The Ninja has to be beaten with your bare hands and feet. This is a lot of fun let me tell ya. The prime choice to beat him is right where you started. Just run in awkward circular patterns and when he gets done doing his flip kicks and all that fancy stuff just nail him with one of Snakes combos. When he cloaks himself he's just as simple to find. Watch for him landing his jumps. When he lands kick his butt. Now that you have his energy super low he doesn't do as many of his pretty tricks. He stands to taunt you and when you run to hit him he disappeared and reappears behind you. So run up to him and punch once. Make a 180 and do a combo. You've finally got him when he turns into a blue ball of light and teleports. When he's tweaking out just chase him around and cap him with one of your guns. Don't try and punch or kick him or you'll get nailed by his energy field.

9. Thank you Dr. Octacon

Thank you Dr. Octacon, Finally you have the level 4 key you always wanted. You also have a new hookup. Go ahead and call the doc on 141.12 to get him into your radio's memory. Exit the Computer lab and run through the bloody hallway until you get back to the gas filled hallway. Go to the level 4 room you couldn't access earlier to grab the night vision goggles. Also pick up the extra rations that if you were around if you didn't need them before. When you start playing Psycho Mantis she takes control over Meryl. Just punch her a couple of times to knock her out. Mantis is very easy, however the trick to beating him is patience. Here are a few tips, try plugging the control into the second port, this will make it so he can't read your mind, and about ten times easier. Also try using teh thermal goggles when uses stealth camoflauge, or if you use the fisrt person mode button, you will see through his eye's and know where to shoot. He starts with a very simple pattern so watch it and take notes. In my opinion the best spot to crouch and wait for him to finish levitating everything that is right above the desk. You beat him by always running back here and waiting him out and nailing him when he made the paintings and pictures fly off the wall. Remember patience is the key, I think it took twenty minutes or so to beat him. Finally when you get his life to around twenty-five percent she switches things up a bit. He revives Meryl and makes her bust herself in the head. Learn his new pattern and then kick his rear. When your done he moves the bookshelf for you in the cutscene. Now you have your direction.

10. The Great Escape

Head up the first rocky passage you come to, crawl through the small gap into the Wolf's lair. If you get attacked by a wolf use a stun grenade, otherwise run through this section as quick as possible. You might find it useful to equip the Night vision goggles. Bear right through the Wolf's lair until you come to another hole in the wall as before, crawl through to the other side to meet Meryl again. Enter the door to the north, in here you proceed to be shot at by Sniper Wolf, she kills Meryl (or does she?) and wants to send you to your maker as well. What do you do now, fight fire with fire of course. Run all the way back to B2 of the first building (where you used C4 to blast the walls down), to get the PSG1 (sniper rifle). Then head back for a shoot out, it is hard at first to get a decent aim to Sniper Wolf, but after a while you will be as good a shot as she is. If your really having trouble, try using the diazpam that you can get from the b1 area of the Nuclear building. You can hit her when she runs from pillar to pillar or when she is aiming at you (you can also shoot the rats above her!). Once you kill her, head up the passage way to where she was, pick up all the goodies under and around the area before attempting to exit via the door in the top right of the section. Oh dear looks like Sniper Wolf wasn't killed and now she has back up, you get knocked out. You come to, straped on a metal bed being interogated. When the game restarts, you will be electricuted (woh, the Dual Shock pad really works!) press [select] to submit, if you don't, and you beat the troture by pressing [0], Meryl will survive. If you submit Meryl will die and everything will be reversed to Otacon or Meryl at the end. After that, not surprisingly you black-out. You then awake in a prison cell on B1 of the first building you entered, along with the magot infested body of Donald Anderson. After a while, when the gaurd runs off to the toliet your good pal Octacon turns up with some items for you, ketchup being one of them (what is it for?). Octacon runs off again, time to escape. When the guard isn't looking (when he falls asleep or goes to the bog) hide under the bed in your cell, when he comes back he will panic as he can't see you, he will then procede to come around to open the cell door. He will search the room for you, when his back is turned quickly crawl out from under the bed and lay into him. After this get out of the cell (the guard remains stone cold for the duration), pick up your stuff from the torture room, run past the armed Camera and get back to the area where Meryl and you where ambushed by Sniper Wolf.

11. Hind Attack

Go into the room to the top right of this area, follow the passage ways around, get the rope from the area under the beginning of the stairs. You will now proceed to be chased up what seems and endless amount of stairs by an endless amount of guards. Don't stop to fight, just run up, when you meet a guard at the top of a flight of stairs throw him down, he will hit the others pursuing you delaying them so you can keep ahead of them and out of harms way. At the top of the stairs you reach a ladder, go up and then go out of the door at the top. Now you see a satellite dish being blown up, and then Liquid Snake will appear in his HIND helicopter. Stay up here, avoiding the gun fire from the HIND, eventually a cut scene will step in showing you getting your rope out and descending one of the walls. Now you are in control again you have to climb down the side of the wall avoiding jets of smoke and gun fire from the HIND. At the bottom of the building grab the items laying around and then use the PSG1 to shoot the three guards waiting to fire at you standing north of the section. With those guys taken out run down to where they where standing and then left to a door, go in get the STINGER launcher and ammo, exit out of the door at the bottom of the screen. Come towards the camera and then right, press the elevator button, it doesn't work, go down the stairs until you come to the broken section of stair-way, back to the elevator - ah, Otacon here to help you out again he has moved the boxes to allow you to go further up inside the building, go up avoiding the armed camera every four flights of stairs. At the top grab all of the STINGER missiles before ascending the ladder. Here comes the HIND attack, stay close to the 2 prong LEGO like building you see as you come out of the ladder room. Use the STINGER launcher to attack the HIND. When you are under fire hide on the opposite side of the LEGO like building to the HIND. The HIND will fire a missile covering the bottom half of the building at a certain stage, stay well clear of it, it will fire another one just before croaking it.

12. A Sniper's Return

After the HIND is destroyed head back out and down to the level where the broken elevator is, press the button now and it works (no doubt thanks to Otacon!), get inside and press "1" on the way down you will be attacked by a bunch of "stealth" (cloaked) guards, they are pretty simple to deal with, get your FA-MAS out and blast them away. When the lift stops at the bottom head right, through the door using Keycard 6. Avoid the armed cameras in these two passage ways, exit at the end out to the snow covered landscape once again. Sniper Wolf is back and this time she is even more determined to kill you. Get the PSG1 out to the right of the tree you see when you come through the doors, fire at Sniper Wolf. This time she has more to hide behind and a wider range in which to mmanoeuvre, still you should manage to put her down. Check out all of the buildings with Keycard 6 that you can (avoiding the armed CCTV cameras in some of them). Looks like Liquid Snake survived the Helicopter crash if the parachute is anything to go by. After going in all the buildings that you can, head to the one top/central and avoiding the cameras go down to the steaming depths to finally locate the Metal Gear.

13. Vulcan Raven Battle

You enter a room with lava in it on floor two, head right along the gantry and when you reach the wall, push your back up against it and (still holding back), side step north along the ledge, be prepared to duck when the crane moves over you, from the end of the ledge head right and door the stairs - then go up through the large metal doors in the top right hand corner. Go through to a room with a huge elevator press the action button standing next to the key pad and descend. You will now be attacked by a couple of guards, they are no big deal waste them with your FA-MAS. When you get to the bottom head right (avoiding the armed cameras) and get on another large elevator. A load of ravens (birds) will appear now so prepare for a fight with Vulcan Raven, this is probably one of the harder fights cause it takes pinpoint accuracy. You can hit him using the STINGER, NIKITA, grenades or mines. If you have mines (you would have picked them up in the snowy section a while back) use them, place them strategically in the path of Vulcan Raven and this should not be too hard, don't place like 10 on one spot as only one will register as a hit, spread them out. Chances are you don't have any mines so your second best bet is to use grenades, stand on the opposite side of one of the crates to him and throw the grenade into his path, he has a tendency to stop of the exact place you laid the grenade so it should get him. Vulcan Raven is deadly if he catches you so keep on the run. You can also pop up behind him and fire a STINGER, although he will usually hit you as well. You can try guiding a NIKITA to him but this rarely works as he will hit it before it reaches him.

14. Hot and cold Pal Card

After defeating Vulcan Raven head north and out through a large door. STOP, don't linger in this section - throw one chaff grenade and then run north to another door (requiring the Keycard), here is Metal Gear, take a good look, your going to have to fight it in a minute. Head right and then up a ladder, then left and up another ladder, over the top of Metal Gear, around the gantry anti-clockwise to the control room. After a cutscene, you will find that you have lost your Pal card. Either one of two things will have happened, a rat down below has got it, or it has simple fallen iton the water below. Head back down and into the water and search for it (use your mine detector), at this stage you might pick up a time bomb, throw it any as mentioned in Section seven : The great escape. Head back up to the control room and use the pal card in the left hand computer. This next bit is the falling point of most MGS players; the Pal card is heat activated, you have just used it in neutral mode, you now need to get it COLD, go back to the section were you beat Vulcan Raven, dial up 140.85, get the Pal card out and wait around until it becomes BLUE, head back up and use it in the middle computer. Head down to the room with the lava in it, when you enter the room head towards the camera into a sauna like room, dial up 140.85, get the Pal card out and wait around until it becomes RED, head back up (on the way, in the room with thosands of cameras grab the STINGER missiles, your going to need them!) and use the pal card in the right hand computer. Now the room will fill with gas (as instead of speaking to Master Miller, you just spoke to Liquid Snake). TO stop the gas dial up Otacon, he will stop the gas a few seconds later. When you exit the room you will see Liquid Snake, follow him around and prepare for battle!

15. Metal Gear battle

Battle 1

The first incounter aganst Metal Gear REX involves you having to hit the Satellite dish on REX's left shoulder, using the STINGER about ten hits will do. Try using the chaff grenades, for about a 30 second break from the Metal Gear. Avoiding the laser beam, machine gun gun and rockets this shouldn't be too hard. In fact the easiest way to win this battle is to stand directly in front of REX, facing him - the machine gun shots go each side of you and missiles go over you the only thing that can hit you is the laser beam, but if you equip your rations on you will automatically use them when your life runs out. When you destroy the satellite dish, you thing you have won right..... no WRONG!

Battle 2

Grey Fox (aka Ninja) turns up and tries to do something heroic, but he pretty much gets beaten to a plup. Now you have to aim directly for Liquid Snake in the cockpit of Metal Gear Rex, you can stand in front of him as before, but this battle is a little harder - pretty much use the exact same tactics as you did in Battle 1. After that surely its all over now isn't it.... no WRONG again!

Battle 3 :

Now its time for a fist fight with Liquid Snake, possibly the hardest fight of all, stay nimble hit him and reteat, move in hit and move out. If you can put together a string of punches and kicks great - but if you move into him and keep pressing [O] he will punch you back and usually a lot harder. When he has no life left he won't die until you hit him over the edge of the Metal Gear. Now thats over with Snake runs to see if Meryl is alive. Remember the Electrocution/torture bit back in Section Seven : The Great Escape? Well if you submitted to the electrocution by pressing SELECT Meryl will be dead. If you didn't submit by pressing O repeatedly then Meryl will have survived. Now you have to escape from the island, all your equipement is so gone pick up the rations by the door and by the stair well and equip them. Head out into the car park and wait for Meryl/Octacon to start the car. Get in and blow the barrels up by the car park exit, you will drive off in spectatular fashion, now you have to blow up a series of two road blocks - for the first one just shoot the barrels, at the second kill all three guards to proceed. Oh no guess who won't give up - here comes Liquid Snake again! As you have unlimited ammo hold your finger on the fire button and spray the bullets all over the section of road behind you. I think it is abitrary to the game whether you hit Liquid Snake or not, at the end of the fun and games he will crash and burn anyway! Well done you have just completed the Greatest PlayStation game ever! METAL GEAR SOLID......

Card board box transportation You may not have known that there is an easier way to get around in MGS. If you ever need to back track this is the best way to do so, there are three trucks you can walk into throughout the game:

1. The very beginning where you find the SOCOM

2. The nuclear storage facility (1st floor, 2nd building)

3. The snow field where you fight Sniper Wolf the second time.

Just step inside the truck and wear the box you wish to transport. Then wait a few seconds and the soldiers will drive you off to the locale.

Box A will take you to the heliport

Box B will take you to nuclear storage facility

Box C will take you to the snow field